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We are a local rail enthusiast Group, set up originally from a Facebook Group which was started in 2007. The group was set up on Facebook mainly to gain support for the reopening of the Lichfield to Walsall railway line. 

Our tag line is Past, Present & Future, this means that everything on the site is included ;-

                     Past - Heritage Photos from the line in its hayday,

               Present - News, photos and movement down the route or parts of it today,

Future - News and current affairs for the reopening of the line.



                           Present - Rail photography (Wychnor to Lichfield City & other  )


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The Photos on this site have been taken by SouthStaffsRail staff or supplied by our members including various other sources. 

Content taken from other sources has been granted permission or referenced from the original source, where possible. 

Most of the content on this site has been gathered together from research and our general interest for the South Staffs Line. if there are items/pictures on this site which haven't been acknowledged as the source to us is unknown then please email us with the details and we will gladly acknowledge you. Emails to 

References, Copyright & Sources

Signal Boxes of the South Staffs Line

A big thank you to David Ingham, who has kindly given permission to use some of his photos. To seemore from his collection, check out his Flickr site

Walsall Bescot to Lichfield City Banner

Use of class 46 loco picture - Copyright: Mike Smith "Goods & not so goods"

Latest Photos

Updated Photos - Dave Cresswell, other members or resources


South Staffordshire Water Works - Archive Photos - Thank you to Chris Pattison

"Memories of Brownhills Past" - Pictures of the area around the last century by Clarice Mayo and Geof Harrington

"Local History of Hammerwich" - Pictures taken from a book, Mike Smith

Lichfield - Walsall track plan

"Google Maps" - (Google Maps)

Freight Usage

Map & Protocal taken from SWL Stourbridge - Walsall - Lichfield plan -

Charringtons Oil Ternimal Link

Ben Williams -

Rail Progress

Briefing Note, Regeneration Scrutiny and Performance Panel, Marie Newton, Principal Regeneration officer, Walsall council. facilitiesimprovmentsplan.html

History of the line