Brownhills Today 2011 Brownhills Today 2011 112633957 View Towards Brownhills Bridge This is the view from the Pelsall Road Side of Brownhills as it is today. Notice the Blue Brick Wall on the left which was the traditional brick they used when the railway was constructed as I understand © Dave Cresswell 2011 112536066 Another view of how it is today The view away from Brownhills towards Pelsall as it is today. © Dave Cresswell 2011 112536067 Brownhills Original Railway Bridge View towards Brownhills Railway station the original Bridge hidden underneath the Modern 1986 Roundabout © Dave Cresswell 2011 112536068 Brownhills Bridge towards Pelsall Brownhills bridge looking towards Pelsall showing modern societys disregard for disposing of litter. Dave Cresswell 2011 112536070 Brownhills Bridge Arch Brownhills Railway Bridge left hand side arch looking towards Pelsall. There was a track from the end of the "Towards Walsall" Platform leading to a siding, presumably to load goods Dave Cresswell 2011 112536095 Closeup of Original Brownhills Bridge Dave Cresswell 2011 112536096 Sign tells it all Sign on the inside of the Modern Roundabout Bridge Dave Cresswell 2011 112536097