Brownhills Signal Box Brownhills Signal Box Brownhills Signal Box Brownhills signal box located by the Up Main line to the west of High Street overbridge from David A. Ingham, original photographer unknown 159444528 Brownhills Signal Box (1965) Photo taken from Brownhills Bridge, in the direction of Pelsall 162340967 2nd December 1962 Jubilee 45626 Seychelles, at the time a Burton based engine, working a mixed freight from Walsall to Burton. The loco is blowing steam from her safety valve which would suggest it has been stopped. 45626 lasted until November 1965 a life of 31 years. The sidings to the left are being used to stable coaching stock but a short raft of wagons occupy the goods yard. The road down to the yard has a fine Rover 80 parked in it, as it is opposite to the signal box maybe it is the signalman?s Pride and Joy. Copyright Geoff Dowling & John Whitehouse. See more outstanding photos on Geoff's Flickr pages (seen links tab) 175142496 Brownhills Box Source: David Colton, Copyright unknown 178749683