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Lichfield - Walsall                                                               



TO :     Regeneration Scrutiny and Performance Panel

DATE:  23 April 2009

RE:      Walsall Rail Service and Facilites Plan

Stourbridge - Walsall - Lichfield Line

Centro is currently working with Network Rail to develop a joint business case for reinstating the Walsall - Stourbridge route as a mixed used freight and tram corridor, with freight trains sharing tracks south of Wednesbury with tram-trains. This corridor is a priority highlighted in the Regional Transport Priorites Action Plan, and Regional Funding Allocation funding and other funding sources are being investigated as ways of delivering the project quickly. This is considered to be the first phase of a long term aspiration to re-open the corridor through to Brownhills and Lichfield, which the emerging Network Rail Route Utilisation Strategy (RUS) will include in Control Periods 6 and 7 (2019 - 29)

Walsall - Lichfield Corridor

  •  In order to reinstate freight and passenger services
  • Walsall Council and neighbouring authorities will ensure that the potential for the Stourbridge - Walsall - Derby route is fully investigated as part of Networ Rail's new Route Utilisation Strategy for the region.
  • Walsall Council will work with Centro to determine the viability of short-term public transport use of Walsall - Brownhills corridor and potential for Park and Ride.
  • We will encourage Network Rail and other stakeholders to seize the opportunity to bid for funding for the Stourbridge - Walsall route from the £200m allocated by Government for the creation of a Strategic Freight Network.
  • We will assist Centrol and Network Rail in a study to investigate the feasibility of re-opening Stourbridge - Walsall, and possibly the Lichfield line, to tram trains.
  • Walsall Council will co-operate fully with Network Rail in their investigation into the feasibilty of building the Ryecroft Chord to see if it can also link the Walsall - Brownhills line.
  • We will ensure that Network Rail's reignalling scheme can accommodate a reinstatment Walsall - Brownhills - Lichfield Line.

Further Goals 5 - 10 Years / Walsall - Lichfield Line

  •  A short-term solution for public transport use will generate partronage along this corridor
  • We will work with Centro/PTA to investigate the potential for Park and Ride on the Walsall - Lichfield Line.
  • Walsall council will liaise with industry partners and neighbouring authorities to make the case for reinstatement of freight and passenger services on the stourbridge - Walsall - Lichfield Line
  • We will work with Network Rail to investigte the feasibility of linking the Walsall - Lichfield route into the Ryecroft Chord.