The South Staffordshire Line

Past / Present / Future

Please sign our Petition to the Secretary of State for Transport, to make the Government aware of the surpport for the Re-Opening of the Lichfield to Walsall Railway Line.

Please also mention other factures, such as better transport links to the north (e.g.) Lichfield to Burton services and the formation of a platform to serve the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas.

Aims & objectives 

  1. Lichfield to Walsall - Freight and Heavy Rail (with stopping services)
  2. Walsall Pleak to Stourbridge - Heavy Freight
  3. Creation of a platform and services to and from Alrewas (National Memorial Arboretum)
  4. A new service Birmingham-Sutton Coldfield-Lichfield-Burton-Derby  to start running

Please feel free to copy/edit this letter to send to your MP!


Dear Sir/Madam

I wish you to consider the re-instatement of the disused railway line between Walsall and Lichfield. The benefits to the community are many, but include:

1.    Potential to remove many of the heavy lorries which currently run on the A461 and A4124 between Brownhills and Walsall/Wolverhampton

2.    Potential to provide a passenger rail service superior to the current bus services, which due to congestion take up to 35 minutes for the 5-mile journey from Brownhills to Walsall.

3.    Potential for cross-country freight trains to be transferred from the Walsall-Sutton railway line, thus increasing the potential for introducing a rail service to Aldridge.

4.    Reduced congestion in Brownhills, Pelsall, Walsall Wood and Rushall (Rushall was declared to have ‘dangerous’ levels of pollution in a recent survey)

5.    Potential for a new passenger service between Brownhills and Lichfield – such a single journey is not currently possible by public transport.

6.    Potential to serve the large and still growing community of Burntwood with a rail service (near Anglesea).

7.    It would provide a superior diversionary rail route from the West Midlands to Derby, avoiding the heavily trafficked Cross-City line between Birmingham and Lichfield.

8.    An electrified railway can be powered by renewable energy sources TODAY, which NO ROAD TRANSPORT can currently do. This potential to remove pollution and ‘greenhouse gases’ is important to this area, which has the M6 Toll Road passing through it, as well as providing a better environment for future generations.

9. An electric train is the most energy-efficient means of moving people and goods over land - energy is becoming increasingly expensive (and higher on the political agenda).

10. This railway may help reduce the congestion in Brownhills and therefore reduce Walsall Council's perceived need for the controversial 'Brownhills Eastern Bypass' which nobody else wants.

There may be other benefits to the communities served by this railway line; building more roads is no longer an option!

yours faithfully




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A big thank you to Kevin, of "South Staffs Railway" for the use of the letters.