The South Staffordshire Line

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Online Museum - A collection of artifacts and railway memorabilia from the South Staffs Line

Luggage Label

London & North Western Railway, between 1846 – 1922

Hammerwich Luggage label, 

Not much is known about the labels first used by the old companies, but as a general rule they seem to have been blank except for the destination station. 

The majority of labels were printed in black ink on white paper.  Some had gummed backs, but these often became damp and stuck together in bundles.  Others were pasted on, which took longer than using gummed labels, but they were easier to store.


London Midland & Scottish Railway  between 1923 - 1947                               

       Monthly Return to Brownhills                                        Brownhills to Pelsall


              Pelsall to Brownhills                                        Pelsall to Hammerwich


               Walsall to Pelsall                                       Lichfield City to Bristol 1945

Hammerwich Station Totem

 A local railway enthusiast kindly shared some of his collection of railway memorabilia. Most of his collection hs come from auctions all over the country.


1950's Hammerwich Station Sign


This was bought at a collectors fair up in Buxton.

Track Plan from No1 Signal box at Lichfield City Station


The Track plan shows the junction of the Sutton line and South Staffordshire Line. As you can see from the plan, the track from Fosseway Crossing towards the platforms is the main line through Lichfield, with the newer Sutton line being added on as a junction.


This plan shows the elevations (slope) from Lichfield Trent Valley to Fossway Level Crossing


Lichfield City Station Sign

This is the 1950's Station Sign for Lichfield City Station

Angelsea Sidings Signal Box (Remains)

 The two photos above show part of the Angelsea Signal Box structure. When the box was dismantled some of the parts where advertised in he local area, so local people could re-use the materials.



 The photo above shows the original Angelsea Signl Box door. Every part of the door is original. It has been re-used as a garage door.


Walsall Station Lamp



This is from around the 1930's, and came from Walsall Station 


Angelsea Signal Box


Pelsall Station Road Sign


LMSR Walking Pass for Pelsall & Norton Junction